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Due Diligence

Providing investors critical information to make investment decisions including: technology assessment, team assessment, market readiness and data analysis.


Competitive Intelligence

Analysis of competitive position relative to other companies, technologies and markets.

Technology Scouting

Assessing and identifying critical technologies to make your operations run smoother and enable discovery.

Operations Assessment

Evaluation of R&D operations for appropriateness for goal and efficiency.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Making sure intellectual property strategy supports business goals and that R&D operations support strategy.

Interim Management

Providing interim management during transitional periods or when a turn around is needed.


Encompass Biotech, LLC is a consultancy located in the Charleston, SC metro area and run by Bob Kodrzycki, PhD.

With 28 years experience in synthetic biology, genomics and biofuels in the Ag Tech, Industrial and Renewable sectors, Bob is a PhD scientist that understands business. He started his career by building industrial R&D programs with an eye on commercialization and later made the transition to business development and supporting the investment community. He has worked in varied situations from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

For more on Bob's background check out his LinkedIn page.


If you are looking for help with Synthetic Biology, Genomics, or Biofuels in the AgTech or Renewables sectors please contact Encompass Biotech to find out how we can best assist you with:

  • Due Diligence for an Investment Decision
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Competitive or Market Intelligence 
  • R&D Operations Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Strategy Alignment with R&D

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